Hello everybody, This is our first post in our English Blog. And we need that it should be about Entrepreneurship.
As we know, entrepreneurship’s history is nearly the first attempts to change the world in a way which doesn’t matter to change it in a way named Technology but it is also about with War and Peace.

Nowadays, especially in Turkey Which our head quarters are based on, there are enourmous of assistances to give chances to young people whom we believe they have more energy and risks than the old ones.

Is it true, is there any age of entrepreneurship, do you believe one of these ideas?

There is a new research about it, there should be age levels of the entrepreneurs!

For instance you can find a graphic below;



It seems 25-29 years old people can take more risks to change the world, we think these ages are the ones young people have the vision, and freedom together.

This is our first blog entry, so we don’t need to make it longer and longer..

Wait for us, We believe we change the world in a way, all people LIKE!


The original link of the research entry in techcrunch: